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Weekday Wardrobe — Same But Different By Gem Gossip July 3, 2019 I knew this week would fly by quickly, which is what usually happens when you have an upcoming trip to prepare for!  I wanted to take some time out from the whirlwind week and make sure I styled a ring look for the day, and document it to hold myself accountable for that goal. So here is a roundup of all my looks for the week, Monday-Friday. This project made me explore new pieces and pair up rings I’ve never thought to before.  Here’s the breakdown of each day: Monday: (Above) I started my...

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Mothers find it fashionable to wear the tree of life bracelet because it expresses their devotion to family life. It's more an accessory than a piece of statement jewelry. On the other hand, grandmas want to express their full love to their family and commonly wear tree of life necklaces as the main accessory to their look.

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