The Essence of Essentia- About Us

Essentia Founding Principle is that every Women, no matter Age or Size deserves  A Sparkle. Jewelry is chosen simply by how the Wearer Feels. Our pieces are hand-selected to enhance Personal Expressions. Feeling Fiery, Cool, Or Vibrant, express it with Accessory. Eons ago, Queens sported the finest Jewelry Pieces specific to a certain occasion or Moment. Now you can to, without paying a kings Ransom! Hand-made and forged by skilled and storied craftsman. We seek to giver every woman a chance to Shine in Her Own Way. Essentia is a socio-responsible company, every purchase is eligible to have a portion of the Proceeds go to a Variety Of Charities and Foundations across the Globe. We believe it is in the best interest of mankind, to pay it forward.


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